The Gayetri Production System GPS guarantees the highest quality with repeatability of every characteristic at every attempt. We regularly carry out parts acceptance test and output product control, which assist in creating a measurement report for every part we produce. Customers can thus verify the quality of the product.

Our investment in modern cutting edge inspection equipment allows us to hold tolerances up to +/- 0.001″ or +/- 0.025mm. We boast of effortless and accurate fitting of the parts in assemblies and sub-assemblies. Every single part is thoroughly measured and registered for impeccable and flawless quality.


With GPS, statistical methods are used to track the manufacturing process. The GPS picks up even the smallest variances before big problems occur down the line. The variances from the norm are charted with the GPS. If unacceptable variances occur, it’s easy to see exactly where the process fails. allowing a manager to address the causes and quickly resolve the problem.


Sophisticated Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) provides precise measurements of the part within the tightest manufacturing tolerances. The CMM also checks geometric dimensions and tolerances specified on the blueprint.


Gaging assists in manufacturing the part to your print. Hard-Gaging is a visual gaging technique involving metal or plastic three-dimensional tools that are used to quickly and accurately determine the conformance to specifications of manufactured parts.


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