Metalworking always involves either casting or forging. Gayetri is capable of doing both under one roof. Choosing Gayetri eliminates all the guess work.

We bring the knowledge of engineers, experienced metallurgists, and forging experts to work in collaboration with your internal team, helping you to achieve long-term cost reductions and improved lead times through:

  Evaluation of your manufacturing supply chain.
  Optimizing your manufacturing practices.
  Customizing materials for your application.
  Achieving raw material reduction, thereby reducing cost per part.
  Improving part quality and metal strength.
  Eliminating unnecessary processing.
  Designing parts to take advantage of forging or casting.

Our customers ask about end to end manufacturing. We forge, cast, and machine all under one roof. Rather than dismissing the idea as impractical or impossible, call us to help you. We will devote as many resources as needed to provide a thorough review and subsequent proposed solution to your casting or forging problems. Collaborating closely with customers, we have a history of success for providing solutions for complex, intricate shapes.


We use Forging widely in mechanisms and machines if a component requires high strength. Not only it enables us to take forward The Industrial Revolution, but also helps us build a better tomorrow.

  Open Die Forging      Closed Die Forging


Casting essentially is a procedure where liquid material is poured into a mold and then allowed to solidify. This eventually helps us in manufacturing custom parts and complex metal structures with great ease and precision.

  Pressure Die Casting      Gravity Casting      Investment Casting

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